New Zealand Simplifies Student Visa Process

New Zealand Simplifies Student Visa Process

Good news for students willing to study in New Zealand. The student visa process has been simplified by the New Zealand Immigration authorities. Students need not go in person to submit the documents – instead they can have everything done online. Right from submitting their documents to receiving an e-visa, all of it just with a few mouse clicks from the comfort of your house.

For now, New Zealand immigration authorities have started accepting online applications for students and working holiday visas. You can apply online, submit all documents, but until next year you will have to send your passport to the concerned consular office for visa stamping. The process applies to all foreign students. Indian students will also have to follow the same process to submit a student visa application.

INZ is in process of making visa issuance process completely paperless by 2017. With the $105 immigration overhaul, New Zealand has taken the first step in that direction. It aims to attract foreign students and tourists to its country, and be one of the most competitive nations for education.

If the process works well without any loopholes, New Zealand will see a surge in foreign students. After all, who would not want to live and study in the healthiest country in the world?

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