New York’s CUNY schools offer a first of a kind investor visas


CUNY (City University of New York) schools are calling investor to put their resources at work into the global city structure of New York, with expectations of making several new positions for work. At any rate, that is the trust of the New York City Economic Development Corporation in this scheme, which with CUNY will declare on Thursday a new & innovative visa program planned for foreigner investors. The arrangement, called IN2NYC, is to have 80 business people set up shop on CUNY grounds, while at the same time advising students and professors along with creating profitable organizations. In return, they will be offered for an special temporary work visa that is will not be a part of the annual quota. New York is the primary city in the nation to offer such a project.

Investors will meet all requirements for a skilled work visa, known as a H-1B. Candidates require a business to support them for the visas, which are to a great degree constrained. The visas are topped at 65,000 a year, with another 20,000 accessible for education, who have earned graduate degrees in the United States. A year ago, 233,000 individuals entered the lottery for the visas, with around 66% of them missing out. Local employers have expressed that numerous New York organizations needed to employ skilled foreign workers, so having the capacity to employ foreigners in the city is a critical requirement.

IN2NYC will work with seven colleges in NY: City College, Baruch College, the College of Staten Island, Lehman College, LaGuardia Community College, Queens College and Medgar Evers College. Business visionaries will frame a governing body, the greater part of whom will be American citizens to set up the business-worker relationship that a H-1B visa requires. Since investors will work at a college for more than 50 percent their time, working together with students and professors, they will be pardoned from the H-1B visa annual quota.

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Original Source:NYTimes

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