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Posted on November 28 2023

New pathways & eased immigration policies 2024-25 announced by Quebec, Canada

By  Editor
Updated November 29 2023

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Highlights: Quebec’s new pathways and immigration policies for 2024 - 2025

  • Quebec plans to launch of three permanent immigration pilot programs. 
  • These programs are for workers in food processing, orderlies, artificial intelligence, orderlies, information technologies and visual effects sectors. 
  • It also made proficiency in French as a mandatory for the 3 programs. 


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Quebec's new economic pilot streams unveiled

Quebec releases new immigration policies which are effective from today; the change encompasses new policies and measures that are set to affect various immigration streams within the province. These changes include economic pilot streams to language proficiency requirements.


In order to address severe labour shortages, Quebec has announced the re-opening of three long-term economic immigration pilot programs. Starting from November 23, 2023, to ending on December 31, 2024, these programs target specific sectors facing critical needs.


Applications will be accepted for the workers in:


Number of applications

Food processing industry

Max. 600 applications


Mas. 600 applications

Information technology, artificial intelligence, and visual effect industry

Max. 700 applications


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Language proficiency becomes mandatory

The economic immigration scheme has made French language proficiency mandatory for applicants seeking to participate in the immigration programs. Applicants in the Quebec Experience Programme (PEQ) and the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP) must now have a minimum proficiency of 7 in the spoken French.


A written French proficiency level of 5 or above is required for PEQ applicants. As of November 23rd, candidates for the PEQ's graduate component will require to have completed a French program or studied the language for at least three years in secondary or post-secondary education.


Spouses sponsored under these programs must also possess oral French proficiency at level 4, including both speaking and listening skills


Significant changes have been made to the business streams of immigration which will be effective from January 1st, 2024 making knowledge of French a prerequisite for all business programs, including the Entrepreneur, Self-Employed, and Investor streams.


The Qualified Skilled Worker Selection Programme (QWSP) is set to replace the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP) which is effective from November 29th.


Family sponsorship requirements

Starting on November 23rd, individuals sponsoring family members for immigration to Quebec must comply with the new requirements. If the sponsored individual is between the ages of 18 and 55, sponsors must fill out and sign a welcome and integration plan.


Quebec immigration plan 2024-25

Quebec recently released its immigration targets, where it aligns with national targets that are set by Canada. A minimum of 49,500 immigrants are expected to arrive this year, and 50,000 are expected in 2024 and 2025 annually. The province predicts 32,000 foreign skilled workers from 2023 to 2025 annually.


Quebec remains to have an impact for immigration across Canada, and the province highlights the value of Francophone immigration across Canada in order to provide a vibrant and diverse landscape in the nation.


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Web Story: New pathways & eased immigration policies 2024-25 announced by Quebec, Canada


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