Netherland investors’ visa: Permanent residence period to increase to 3 years

Permanent residence period increased

The Netherlands’ State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff is correcting the plan which grants overseas financial investors a permanence residence permit on the rule that they participate € 1.25 million into the Dutch economy. According to Mr. Dijkhoff, not many capital investors made utilization of this scheme since its commencement in 2013. He adds that he needs to make it more appealing for investors in the EU members markets, the Ministry of Security and Justice reported.

The primary amendment made is that the permanent residence permit granted to foreign financial specialists will be lawful for a period of three years rather than a short period of a year and a half. This is to make sure that the weakness of the policy among financial investors visa which was previously present. The change is regardless of whether they will be permitted to stay in the Netherlands after duration of one year.

Overseas investors will no more need a record statement, which could potentially make delays for the investment. The Immigration and Naturalization Service department will, as per regulation changes, check with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU – Netherlands) to ensure that the speculator is not connected to any suspicious exchanges in financial transactions or illegal activities in the Netherlands or other nations of source.

In conclusion, the procedure to check whether a speculative investment fits the bill for a permanent residence permit grant, will improve the process. Rather than just the present point of framework, a venture will just have a requirement to contribute two of the three focuses to Dutch business markets. The focus is on factors of development, job occupation and non-money related social commitment.

The minimum amount to be contributed to meet the financial requirements for a residency license will stay € 1.25 million. The change will be actualized from the 1st of July, 2016.

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