Nationals of Trinidad and Tobago not to have visa waiver, says the US

Trinidad and Tobago do not have the privilege of visa elimination

The citizens of Trinidad and Tobago do not have the privilege of visa elimination, according to the US embassy. It said that social media was carrying misinformation that the visa was waived for the citizens of that country.

Embassy of US issued a clarification to the travelers from Trinidad and Tobago who wished to enter the US that visa was still mandatory for their immigration.

It also clarified that certain section of the social media that claimed that US Department of State had moved Trinidad and Tobago to the list of nations that enjoyed visa waiver were making false claims. The nationals of this country require the visa to arrive in the US as per the existing norms.

The department also cautioned applicants that they must be careful with the individual information that they furnish. It asked them not to make payments to any person who assured them of visa processing or hasten the process of visa application.

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