Most of India’s e tourist visas are issued to U.K and U.S citizens

e tourist visa attracts UK,US citizens

e tourist visa attracts UK,US citizens

Speak about e tourism to India and you will hear the names of United States of America and the United Kingdom in association. This is because these are the countries from where most of the tourists have arrived through the e tourist visas. It has been revealed by the Ministry of Tourism that there has been a drastic increase in this regard since a month.

The increase is observed at 56,477 people entering the country through e visas, taking the percentage up to 1,988 since October last year. There has been an expansion in this regard since the 12 months. On this occasion, the tourism interests of other countries in India has also been revealed. This shows that 22.8 percent of the people come to India from Britain.

The numbers…

The United States contributes as much as 16.7 percent of the e tourists to India. Seven percent of them come from Germany followed by Australia that contributes 5.5 percent of the e tourists. Canada, Russia and China also have their contribution to make in this regard. India has 4.4 percent, 4 percent and 2.9 percent of e tourist visiting her through e tourist visas from the respective countries.

The Indian Airports

It will also be interesting to know where India is receiving all these visitors. It has been found that the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the one receiving the most number of visitors in the e tourist visa category. As much as fifty one percent of the e tourist visas issued in October this year were processed in Delhi Airport itself.

Mumbai airport is at 20.5 percent in this regard followed Bengaluru airport which is at 5.9 percent. Next in the list is Chennai which is at 5.6 percent and finally Kochi at 3.7 percent. India is now welcoming citizens from 113 countries who arrive at 16 airports. In the last ten months there have been 258,182 visas that were issued.

Original Source: Travel daily media

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