Labour Rules of UAE makes employees lives easier and stable

UAE makes employees lives easier and stable

The tiny country of the United Arab Emirates has a population of around 9 million, out of which nearly 7.8 are expats working for companies of the Emirates. The news out of the Middle East has made changes to its recruiting process transparent. Also in the process is the directive to make certain that these employees are paid well for the services rendered. Another ruling that is being hailed as progressive is that work immigrants can switch or leave their jobs without incurring the wrath of businesses and authorities. The entire process has been made stable, transparent and stable.

Mr. Humaid Bin Deemas, the Assistant Undersecretary of Labour Affairs, UAE’s Labour Ministry states that in case of any party deciding to finish their fixed term is in the term of renewal, either party has to intimate the other party of termination date which should not be less than one month and not more than a period of three months. He also added that individuals who submit their resignations have to finish their notice periods and should pay the agreed remaining sums. The sum should not be more than three months of remuneration. This applies to both the employee and the employer.

An employee or an employer could mutually end the job contract after a period of six months. Staff in the categories of skills one to three would not face the six month job veto; should they request to transfer to initial employer after culminating their notice time. The fourth and fifth category employees can shift to some other employer after finishing the interlude of six months with their current company.

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