Kuwait Restricts Visas of Relatives of Expats!

Written by Kruti Beesam

Kuwait Restricts Visas

There has been a change in the Kuwait visa policy recently. The parents of expats will no longer get a visa to Kuwait. The formal announcement of this was made to the Kuwait Times by the Ministry of Interior. However, dependent visas for spouses and children of expats will continue to be issued.

This was confirmed by Citizenship and Passport Affairs Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah. Not only this, changes will also be noticed in the family visit visas of expats. The spouse and children of an expat can avail visas that are valid for three months. Unlike them, the visas offered to other relatives of expats do not permit them to stay beyond a month.

A Fee Raise on Expats

The official website of the Ministry of Interior does not provide any information of the validity of the visitor visa yet. The under-secretary also revealed that the Interior Minister is now looking at raising the expats fee. It is not clear however whether the charges will be on the visas or extra costs.

Keeping Expats Population in Check

Like the other Gulf countries, Kuwait too is concerned about the expanding expat population. To keep this under check, they have introduced stringent measures. Now they are inviting expats to take over the ones leaving Kuwait. Official reports reveal, that Kuwait currently contributes 31 percent to the countries existing population.

Action against illegal residents is being used as measure against increasing expat population. In this regard, an announcement was made by MP Khalil Abdullah, last year, that the gulf state should send back more than 250,000 expats each year, for over next 6 years.

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