Jayaprakash Vijayan – The Man That Contributes to Tesla’s Growth

The Man Contributes to Tesla's Growth

Jayaprakash Vijayan is on India Visit to Check Indian Market for Tesla Motors Entry into Indian Market | Image Credit |: autocarpro.in

Jayaprakash Vijayan is the Chief Information Officer at Tesla Motors, a company founded by Elon Musk, that manufactures Electric Cars and Electric Vehicle Powertrain. Vijayan, born in Chennai, India, has been in the USA for a quite some time now and has worked with VMware for a period of 5 years before joining Tesla Motors.

Vijayan was working as the Chief Executive Officer with VMware when he met Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, for the first time in 2010 for a job interview. He was “super-impressed” with Elon’s vision for Tesla and the offer made to him, but he decided to continue with his role at VMware.

Soon after that, Tesla raised $226million from initial public offering at NASDAQ. The company was growing and so was Elon Musk with his companies SpaceX, PayPal, and a few more.

He received a call again from the recruitment department in 2011, for the same position he did not accept earlier. This time Vijayan relinquished $1.5million stock options at VMware and compromised on his pay to make the transition to Tesla Motors.

Today, Vijayan and his team are breaking all records and helping the company expand to new markets. He is on a India visit to explore the Indian market for Tesla Motors. The company is said to be entering India in 2015 provided if the conditions are favorable.

Source: Economic Times

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