Japan to Introduce New Visa for Foreign Care Workers

Japan to Introduce New Visa

The government of Japan is keen to introduce a new resident status visa to foreign care workers allowing them to live and work in Japan. This new visa category will address Japan’s skill and labour shortage citing the growth of elderly population in the country.

The move  requires legal amendments and therefore will be submitted to the Diet this month in an ordinary Diet session. Diet is Japan’s bicameral legislature. Once the bill is passed by Diet, foreign workers from countries apart from Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia can also get a work visa to Japan.

As for now, the Economic Partnership Agreements allows foreign workers only from these three countries to work in field. However, once the amendments are made, foreign workers from other countries can also get proper resident status and would be eligible to work in the field.

That said, Japan is also taking measures to ensure that this new visa category is not abused by the migrants. Anybody found misusing the visa will face 3 years in prison and have their resident status cancelled.

The new Japan work visa will benefit Indians in large numbers. It will open doors for those who already have a degree from Japan and also for those who based on their work and experience qualify for the visa.

Source: ABS CBN News

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