It is Now Easy for Indians to go to Britain.

Now Easy for Indians to go to BritainThere is a change in the number of people willing to go to the United Kingdom. It has increased to a great extent since June 2013 to 89% this year. Surprisingly, most of these visas fall in the non settlement visit visa category. The issuing rate of these visas to Indians has increased to 91% in the year 2014.

For Indians only

We as Indians should also be proud of the fact that our country is the first one to get a Super Priority Visa on the same day. With such an added advantage, the cost has definitely been hiked. Now this visa will cost an additional £600 over the cost of the normal visa. It is also interesting to note the number of Super Priority Visas that have been issued since 2012 till today.

The numbers in this context have only been going up ever since the visas in this category were being issued to Indians. It was started with 1,300 visas in the year 2013 and this increased to an additional 68% over the same period of time. There are particular cities in our country that receive the most number of the Super Priority Visa. These include Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, Chennai being the one to receive the highest number followed by the other two cities.

Something for Indian students too

More number of  students are also gaining the benefit of being granted this visa. it has been observed that as many as 39,818 Tier 4 student visas during a span of two years ranging from 2013 to 2015. This is a clear indication that the country trying very hard to attract the best students to come and pursue their higher education in their country. It was further indicated by the increase in the numbers from 75% in the year 2014 to  88% in the month of June of 2015.

Indians have not one but another reason to celebrate. Every 9 out of 10 people who apply for a visa to the UK emerge successful in attain it. This is been seen as a sign of improved relation between countries.

Original Source: Times of India

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