Israel welcomes immigrants with 45 day work permit

Israel welcomes immigrants with work permit

The immigration department of Israel has come up with a new 45 day work permit for immigrants from different parts of the world. This will allow an applicant to take up some work in Israel for the specified period starting from the day, the applicant has landed in the country. Earlier, this was not the case as an applicant could only stay in the country for not more than 30 days.

New rules from now on

However, applicants must make a note that the extension made, with regard to the work permit, will be valid only until 31st of July 2016. The other condition that an applicant needs to pay heed to is the fact that a parallel application cannot be made while an applicant is still in the country and working for those 45 days.

There are still some more aspects related to this development that remain unpublished. Presently, the situation is slightly different where an applicant is allowed to apply for a work permit of 45 days with a multiple entry visa. This will allow him or her leave and come back to Israel many times.

Be ready for uncertainty

If an applicant has applied for a visa that is valid for less than 45 days, he/she can apply for an extension  that sums up to give nothing more than 45 days. This kind of visa or work permit is most useful to citizens of countries that are not permitted to acquire the visa before entering the country.

Since, the whole thing is still at the stage of an experiment, it must be clear that a lot of changes can be expected in the procedure of application and other aspects related to this new change put forward by the immigration department of Israel. There is also a possibility that the immigration department may reject your application based many reasons like the department believes that the correct procedure has not been followed.

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Original Source: Orirelocation

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