Interested in investing in France? Here’s how you can invest in France with the French Economic Residency program for investors

Economic Residency scheme introduced by the French government

If you are a high net worth business investor or an entrepreneur with a big investment ticket in France, you are eligible for a resident status in France under the Economic Residency scheme introduced by the French government. Foreign entrepreneurs (from non-Schengen countries) who are residing in France can apply for a 10-year Residence Permit for France by investing in the country in ventures that are not speculative and have a long-term vesting period.

French resident visas for investors have some exemptions that would woo most entrepreneurs and high value investors:

1) Applying for an Investor Residence Permit for France does not require an investor or entrepreneur to previously stay in France, have proficiency in French or a minimum professional experience to qualify for the permit.

2) You can get your permit within a period of two months of submitting your application.

3) You can be the sole investor or invest along with your associates (friends/partners) in the form of custom investments, or invest under an investment program that is verified by the regulatory authorities.

Ceiling for Investing in France:

To avail a Residency Permit for France (Under the French Economic Residency Permit Program), investors are required to:

1. Invest in a business or investment opportunity that is of a non-speculative and long-term nature to the tune of EUR 10 million. This could include investment classes like commercial/industrial assets, either personally or through a firm (the investor should have 30% capital in the company). The 30% ownership in a foreign or French company is determined by the voting rights of the individual as one of the members of the board of directors. Should there be no board of directors assigned to the company; the investor needs to substantiate the 30% capital ownership through sowing the number of shares he owns in the company.

2. Have a good reputation in France with regard to their background in the French territories. Migrants approved for the visa exemption for short stays in France due to their country of origin are also welcome to apply for visa under this category.

3. The applicant must not be convicted of any crimes.

Benefits of holding French Residency Permits:

1) French residents and citizens can travel without a visa to 127 countries that are a part of the Schengen Treaty.

2) Several benefits like access to free healthcare, education and vacations are conferred to residents which are equal to the rights that French citizens enjoy.

3) Your residency status is valid for the next 10 years and your dependents will be issued a French visa under your visa applications without any additional investments.

4) A resident permit for France makes you eligible for a citizenship if you stay in the country for a period of 3 years.

Assuming you invest in France and stay in France for only a few weeks as per your business needs, you will not qualify as a French resident who pays taxes as your residential, social and familial interests lie outside the French territory. Hence it is imperative for applicants to understand that having a French Residency doesn’t affect the tax liability of the applicants, as taxes are levied on profits made from investments in France. If you choose to reside in France you should also be aware that you would be taxed for other sources of income you have outside France as well.

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