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Indians bagged 3.01 lakh H-1B visas, most by any country

Indians got most of the H-1B visas in FY 2021

The US DHS has released a report in which it has been stated that individuals born in India are able to obtain a significant amount of H-1B visas. These visas were allotted in the fiscal year of 2021.USCIS has approved 4.07 lakhs H-1B visa applications, and this figure was less than that of the previous year. In the previous fiscal year, the count was 4.26 lakhs.

In both the years, India has grabbed 74% of the H-1B visas. In 2021, 74.1 percent of visa applications were approved, which can be numerically termed as 3.01 lakhs. In the previous year, 74.9 percent, and the numerical count was 3.19 lakhs.

The second country to get the H-1B visa is China as 50,328 individuals got the visa in 2021 and 51,597 individuals got the visa in 2020.

The table below will highlight the full details.

Country Number (2021) Percentage (2021) Number (2020) Percentage (2020)
India 3,01,616 74 3,19,494 75
China 50,328 12 51,597 12
Canada 3,836 1 3,987 1
Global total 4,07,071 100 4,26,710 100

Most of the H-1B visas that have been approved in 2021 fiscal year were for the workers regarding the occupations related to the computers. The number of individuals who got the visa for IT sector was 2.80 lakh, and the percentage was 68.8 of the total approved applications. The approved H-1B visas for the education sector were 56.6 percent.

The approved applications for the workers having Bachelor’s degree is 33.7 percent. The percentage of Doctorate was 6.8 and the people having professional degree has the percentage of 2.9. People having the age of 33 years and having a salary scale of $108,000 also obtained the visa. The rise in the salary was 6.9 percent compared to fiscal 2020.

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Web Story: Indians bagged 3.01 lakh H-1B visas during fiscal 2021

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