Indian tourists prefer to visit New Zealand and Australia the most

NZ has been the most preferred destination for Indian tourists

New Zealand has been the most preferred destination for Indian tourists as 52 percent more tourists searched for this nation when compared with the statistics of the last year. Australia emerged as the second most preferred destination and it was recorded that 47 percent increased tourists searched for this nation.

Sky scanner the global travel search engine revealed that the most sought after destinations for the Indian tourists for the period of 2015-16 included a diverse range from nations in Middle East, Europe and Asia pacific. The search engine has also given information regarding the most preferred destinations that are being chosen by the Indian tourist for the occasion of New Year.

Sky scanner has made a comparative study for the travel searches done by the Indian tourists for the year 2015-16. Based on this data it has attempted to project the most preferred destinations for travel in the year 2017. New Zealand was the most searched nation with an increase of 52 percent searches by Indian travelers when compared to the numbers of the previous year. Several air service firms are now giving reasonable package offers for New Zealand and this nation is well within the reach of the potential tourists.

Australia, which is in close vicinity to New Zealand, was the second most preferred destination for the Indian travelers. This nation had an increase of 47 percent searches as compared to the previous year. The destination close to India, Malaysia witnessed an increase of 28 percent in the searches of the travelers and Britain recorded an increase of 15 percent as compared to 2015.

New Delhi opted for Australia as the most preferred destination for New Year vacation, while New Zealand was the most preferred choice for rest of the country, as revealed by Sky scanner. Information shared by this search engine has revealed that Australia was searched by 120 percent more travelers. The Indian travelers searched for Malaysia as the next in search options and this nation was searched by 101 percent more travelers followed by France which was searched by 42 percent more travelers.

The growth manager of Sky scanner, Reshmi Roy said that it was quite interesting to see that there was quite a transformation in the approach of Indians for tourist destinations. In a recent analysis of the travelers across the globe, it was revealed that Indians were the most exploratory tourists and the data collated by Sky scanner have further strengthened this view. Indians are now progressing from the conventional destinations and are willing to travel farther distance for their vacations. Monetary and geographical factors are no longer a constraint for the Indians when they plan their vacations.

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