India to push for deal on short-term visas for academics, businessmen with UK

India is expecting a deal with UK for providing short-term visas

India is expecting to arrive at a deal with the United Kingdom for providing short-term visas for academicians, students and businessmen when Theresa May, British Prime Minister, visits India, said Dinesh Patnaik, Acting High Commissioner to the UK.

He said that he was hoping that certain agreements will be reached. The Press Trust of India quotes Patnaik as telling reporters that he was expecting that India would strike a deal with the UK in hastening short-term visas for academicians, students and businessmen from India. He added that these categories should be excluded from the migration listing. Underlining that May’s visit to India was significant, he said that her Indian visit would be her first bilateral trip outside the continent. Patnaik said that India and UK have very long umbilical ties.

He said that as it’s an official tour, she would be coming with a high-level delegation of 160 members. Due to the Brexit backdrop, the trade delegation also takes on significance.

According to Patnaik, post-Brexit, Britain would need to expand their trade outside EU. The talks will centre on the model of post-Brexit trade agreement, he said.

Indians, on their side, would be looking at ease of doing business, besides access to the UK for academicians and businessmen as well. India would also want the UK to extend visa concessions it was offering the Chinese of six months to two years for £87.

Patnaik said that many companies in London were shifting their jobs to India. He expected that 2,000 jobs would shift to India from Britain in the coming three to four months.

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