India was largest global source of emigrants in 2015

India the largest source country of emigrants in the world

A report made public at the GFMD (Global Forum on Migration and Development) Summit in Dhaka on 11 December revealed that around 15.6 million people born in India were living abroad in 2015. This number makes India the largest source country of emigrants in the world.

It was also revealed that Asians comprised 43 percent of 243 million people who migrated from their countries of birth in 2015.

According to a publication, entitled ‘Perspectives on Global Development 2017: International Migration in a Shifting World,’ launched by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), people migrating from Asia increased by 4 percent in the last two decades.

Europe was the second largest source of global emigrants followed by Asia with 25 percent.

Ten out of the thirteen counties, which are the major contributors of emigrants, are from Asia, with Bangladesh being the fifth-largest source of emigrants.

Playing host to approximately 47 million migrants last year, the Unites States received the highest number of migrants. It was followed by the UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, France, UAE, India, Italy, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Mexico, China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Ukraine, Syria, Indonesia Poland and Kazakhstan were the other countries with the largest number of emigrants.

Dhaka Tribune quotes the report as saying that most people migrating from Syria and Afghanistan did so because of civil unrest within their countries.

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