India, Canada, Finland and Ireland are pro work immigration

India, Canada, Finland and Ireland pro work immigration

The End of Year 2015 WIN/Gallop International study on the subject of overseas immigration for work is a positive or negative issue is out. The outcomes demonstrate that 57% of the world’s population trusts that immigration of foreign workers is something to be thankful for; against 32% trusting that it is a negative thing. China tops the favorable list +74%. In Italy, the decision is determinedly negative, with just 18% in support and 62% contradicted, in accordance with that with European nations, for example, France, Czech Republic, Belgium and Poland.

The survey was completed by Doxa, in the system of the 39th Annual Survey by WIN/Gallup International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, exploring the outlook, expectations, views and beliefs of 68,595 people from 69 countries across the globe.

Globalization and its outcomes on travel & immigration separates the world into three groups: the Poor nations where the greater part are pro immigration, the Middle and Upper Income nations where the leaning towards negative and the Rich whose larger parts are partitioned in the middle of supporting and restricting countries. Among the 18 Poor nations, where the normal per capita annual pay is under USD 10,000, the larger part is restricted in just 3 of them. Among the Middle and Upper Income nations, that has a normal yearly for per capita pay of between USD 10,000 and USD 35,000, the perspectives held by the dominant parts are precisely the inverse: just 3 are in support while 31 are restricted.

Interestingly in the Rich nations with salaries above USD 35,000, the larger parts are partitioned: In the 17 nations surveyed, 9 were supportive of and 8 were against movement. All in all, behaviors towards immigration are ideal in these regions, scoring a net ideal value of +22% (58% positive and 37% unfavorable). However there is wide variety inside of these Regions.

Opinions in both MENA and West Asia are unfavorable, 18% in MENA and 40 % in West Asia. The net state of mind is just positive in South Asia, scoring 33%. All the three South Asian countries, attitude on Immigration are good: India (+28%), Pakistan (+65%), Bangladesh (+40%). Every one of the three are work immigrants exporting countries.

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Source: Wingia

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