Immigration to New Zealand will increase despite stricter laws

Immigration to New Zealand will increase

The visa approvals under the group Skilled Migrants are now made stricter but this will not decrease the number of immigrants moving to the country. This was informed by the Government of New Zealand last week when it declared that it aimed to decrease the number of migrants by 5000 over the next two years.

The visa approval in the Family group is decreased and the points for the category Skilled Migrants will be increased from the existing 140 to 160 points. The information from the New Zealand government’s Cabinet has revealed that last year around 52,000 migrants was given visa approvals.

The category of skilled migrants topped the immigrant numbers with almost 60% of the total migration. It is estimated that more than 54,000 visas will be approved this year.

The reason for the increase in numbers is that the new policy changes will require some time for implementation. Thus even with the increase in points required for skilled migrant immigration there will be a number of overseas immigrants in this category in 2017 than the last year.

Radio NZ quoted that jobs in the restaurants and retail sector will be the most affected by the increase in points. The experts from the Tourism industry have said that these modifications will make it more difficult for the cafes, restaurants, and hotels in New Zealand to keep up the excellent experience to the customers.

The increase in threshold points for the visa approvals under the Skilled Migrants group will worsen the current skills scarcity according to Chris Roberts Chief Executive. He said that it was unacceptable that the government did not change its plans to increase the points in spite of reports from the officials that chef and café manager jobs will be the most affected.

Mr. Roberts informed that there was inadequate workforce in the tourism and hospitality industry in many parts of the country and they did not disagree that the natives had the first right of employment. Even professions such as caretakers for the aged, carpenters and ICT workers have a tendency to score less than the increased 160 points ceiling and even the applicants in these categories will also be affected.

According to Michael Woodhouse the Immigration Minister of New Zealand the officials informed him that the changes to the visa approvals would imply that the Government was trying to manage the overseas immigrants.

The decrease in Skilled Migrant group visas could also influence the other categories of visa applications. The report said that the immigrants applying for the partnership or temporary visas will make attempts to get approvals under other substitute categories.

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