Immigrant Population in US Reaches the Zenith in 93 Years!


The American Census Bureau recently released a startling data that revealed the highest number of immigrant population in 93 years! The data showed that the nation’s immigrant population both legal and illegal makes up 13 percent of the population. This translates to one in six adults settling in America!

The new data threw light on:

  • An increase of 1.4 million since July 2010. Since 2000 there has been an increase of 10.2 million.
  • The 41.3 million immigrant population in 2013 has quadrupled since 1970 when it was 9.6 million.
  • The highest number of immigrants seen since 2010 to 2013

o   From South Asia an increase of 16%

o   East Asia an increase of 5%

o   The Caribbean an increase of 6%

o   Middle east up 13%

o   Sub Saharan Africa 13%

Among the South Asian countries, the largest influx of immigrants was seen from India with the number being 250,000 an increase of 14%, China coming up next with 217,000 and 112,000 from the Dominican Republic. The American Census Bureau’s release comes at a time when the Department of Defense announced the drafting of undocumented immigrants into the US military. Though the rule applies to only those who qualify for the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA), the announcement is an expansion on the existing program that prefers foreign nationals with exceptional skills, like the knowledge of rare foreign languages to serve.

DACA was hailed as a good fix to the illegal immigrant solution whose numbers were more than 11 million and who came to the US before they were 16 and had been living in the country since June 15th 2007.  Given below is a table released by the US Census Bureau detailing the nation wise immigrants:

Table from the US Census Bureau

Source: Daily Mail, Center For Immigration Studies

Image source: Dreamstime

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