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H1Bs and Indian students choose Canada over the USA


With a disruptive H1B program, more and more H1Bs and Indian students are now choosing Canada over the USA. There are lakhs of Indians in the US who are waiting for their green cards to be approved for over 6 years. The backlog is only getting worse with applications with a priority date of May 2010 being processed at the moment.

Also, USCIS has moved to cancel spousal work permits of H1B holders. If there are any issues with the submitted application, then H1B Visas are also getting refused, as per the India Post.

In light of all of these, more Indian students and H1Bs are choosing Canada for their Permanent Residency. The Canadian Permanent Residency Visa does not require you to have a prior job offer. It also gives work rights to your spouse along with free education and health care for the family. The fast-track Express Entry Program has also helped many Indians to make the switch.

There are various programs for the overseas student to apply for Permanent Residency once their studies are over. Various Provincial Nominee Programs have streams that help International graduates transition into Permanent Residency. Also, overseas education in Canada is 30 to 40 percent cheaper as compared to the USA.

For techies, Canada is now the best option. Canada has launched the Global Skills Strategy which helps innovative companies grow in the country. This helps create more jobs and promotes faster entry of skilled individuals.

Canada also has a great quality of life and a lower cost of living as compared to the USA.

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