Germany Recorded Sharpest Rise in Immigration in 2014

Germany Recorded Sharpest Rise in Immigration

Germany is slowly becoming the most preferred immigration destination across the globe. In the year 2014, it was second only to the United States and have recorded a sharpest rise in immigration when compared to the last 20 years. Today, every 10th person in Germany is a foreign national.

The population of foreign nationals significantly rose to 8.2 million which is an approximate 10% of the entire population. According to the government statistics, 519,340 people migrated to Germany in 2014, highest in a single year since 1991-92.

Germany, being Europe’s largest economy, is witnessing a surge in immigration like never before. People from Europe made 60% of total new immigrants in Germany – Romanians increased by 32%, Bulgarians by 24%, besides other countries.  Syrians too moved in large numbers, almost double of its existing population in Germany.

The current immigration trends have made German lawmakers discuss immigration rules and policies. They want Germany to go the Canadian way and open up borders for global skilled migrants. It means a system where candidate profiles are tested for eligibility based on criteria like education, experience, age, language proficiency etc.

Currently, Germany is the strongest economy in Europe, and is therefore attracting skilled migrants from all other European countries. However, the highly-skilled professionals from outside Europe are in less numbers when compared with 28 European Union members.

The resources in Europe will be shared across various countries, and Germany will have to look for in non-European countries. So the easier immigration policies, the better immigrants it can welcome.

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