Genuine student immigrants do not have to fear being deported

Genuine student immigrants do not fear

Recently, Joseph M. Pomper, Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs, US Embassy, said that Indian student immigrants who were turned around from entering the United States about a month ago were just ‘denied passage’ and ‘not deported’. Despite the fact that this doesn’t have much effect to the students, in the realm of student immigration, this circumstance talks volume.

Mr. Pomper likewise said the two US colleges — Silicon Valley University in San Jose, and Northwestern Polytechnic University in Fremont — to which the vast majority of these student immigrants were going, were not debarred as was being made out. He included that these colleges were not blacklisted. Educational institutions in the US issue I20’s (immigration visas). For whatever length of time that an student immigrant and his/her requirements are genuine, it is likely that they won’t confront any sort of inconvenience for US authorities.

At the point when asked how the United States couldn’t respect their own particular visas issued to these students, he said that a visa was just an authorization to get to a US Port of Entry. Further on, he includes that numerous nations have a two stage process. A visa is an authorization to go to a US Port of Entry. At the US Port of Entry, border control, customs officials, migration authorities who are the ones who choose who might be approved, why they would be allowed and under what status they would be agreed. The US, as most western nations additionally admit to a two stage process, to which we can assess that, the students did not go through the second step towards successful migration.

The issue has snowballed into a debate with the students affirming that they were troubled by US immigration powers. India’s External Affairs Ministry, on Dec.30, issued a consultative to Indians going to the United States to convey extra supporting reports with them.

Mr. Pomper included that these understudies could reapply for US visas later on and that each case is settled exclusively on its legitimacy and not in view of preference. Y-Axis understands this and will only provide genuine educational institutions and not fake ones. For more news updates from the US and other immigration news, subscribe to our newsletter at

Original Source:The Hindu

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