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Posted on September 15 2022

France issued 400,000+ visas to international students during 2021-2022

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Highlights: More than 400,000 international students received enrolments to study in France

  • Number of students enrolled in France during 2021-2022 is more than 400,000.
  • Italy is among the top ten countries that sourced students for studies in France.
  • Number of enrolments from the UK increased by 25 percent.

International student enrolments in France crossed 400,000

The number of student enrolments from different countries in 2021-2022 went beyond 400,000 in France. According to the French Agency report, this number marks the highest increase in the past 15 years.  Recruitment outlook for 2022-2023 has confirmed that there is a surge of applications by 18 percent in comparison to 2019.

Countries that made a significant increase in enrolment of students in France

America has shown the strong growth of +15 percent of students who went to study in France. From North America, the number of students who arrived to study in France grew by 43 percent. The number of female students from Latin America showed a growth that went up to 14 percent. The number of students from Caribbean rose 14 percent while from South America, it was 4 percent.

During one year, the number of students enrolled from Europe increased by 13 percent. The enrolments from non-EU countries like the UK grew by 25 percent while from EU the number of students who enrolled increased by 9 percent. The number of enrolments from Saharan Africa rose by five percent.

From Asia Oceania only +1 percent students enrolled while enrolments from India was +9.5 percent, from Japan +12 percent, and from Sri Lanka +17 percent.

The students from many countries got enrolment in France and their percentages can be seen in the table below:

Countries Percentage
Italy 16
Spain 25
Lebanon 30
Germany 17
United States 50
North America 43
Latin America 14
Caribbean 14
South America 4
Europe 13
UK 25
EU 9
Sub Saharan Africa 5
Asia Oceania 1
India 9.5
Japan 12
Sri Lanka 17

Decline in enrolments

Some countries also showed the decline during the year. They are as follows:

Countries Percentage
China 2
Vietnam 4

Growth of enrolment in different educational institutions

The growth in enrolment in business schools was 18 percent. The growth in various institution types can be found in the table below:

Educational institutions Growth in percentage
High school 7
Universities 6
Schools of art and architecture 3
Engineering schools 3
Other institutions 7

Number of applications sent through Etudes en France

The number of students who applied through “Etudes en France” was more than 140,000 at the end of August 2022. They came from 70 countries. This showed the growth of 18 percent in comparison to the pre-pandemic period.

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Web Story: 400,000+ visas have been issued to international students by France during 2021-2022


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