Electronic Visa to The Kingdom of Bahrain for Indians


The Kingdom of Bahrain has announced electronic visa for travellers from more than 35 countries including India. People travelling to Bahrain can now apply for a visa online through a simple application form and get their visa issued well in advance of their travel date.

It is further announced that Indian visitors can now spend a longer time in Bahrain compared to earlier. A one month visit visa which can be  extended for a period of three months will be issued to all the travellers. They can also opt for multiple entry visas as per their requirements.

Out of the 35 newly added list of countries, India plays a significant role. There are over 300,000 Indian expats who live and work in Bahrain. In addition to that, the trade between Bahrain and India in the year 2011 stood over $1.7 billion and the same is expected to go up further in the years to come.

The new visa policy was presented by the Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who also happens to be the Chairman of the Bahrain Economic Development Board. The policy will come in to effect from October 2014 and will take the total count of countries eligible for an e-visas to Bahrain to 101.

Source: Times of India

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