East African Legislative Assembly supports single tourist visa for the region

Tourist VisaThe EALA (East African Legislative Assembly) is throwing its lot behind a single tourism visa to promote the sector in this region. The Assembly on 27 August also said in a statement that the sorting of hotels in the bloc was not up to the mark owing to a lot of challenges, which includes unsatisfactory planning as far as construction was concerned. On the same day, the EALA gave a thumbs up to a report, presented by Christophe Bazivamo, the Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources Chair, on hotel classification and readiness for a single tourist visa.

allAfrica.com quotes the report as pressing the Council of Ministers to speed up and conclude the study on the implementation of a single tourist visa for the EAC (East African Community), a process which began three years ago. The EALA wants the EAC Council to also hasten the approval of the Protocol on tourism and wildlife management, besides provision of adequate resources.

An on-the -spot evaluation of hotels chosen by the Committee on Agriculture Tourism and Natural Resources in EAC Partner States is followed by the report, in addition to a workshop, whose aim was to detect the progress made, challenges faced, and existing gaps, and to lay a road map going forward with regard to making sure of this sector’s sustainable development.

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