Dubai Tourist Visa Validity Reduced, Fee Raised

Dubai Tourist Visa Validity Reduced, Fee Raised

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The travel market is abuzz that Dubai has introduced a new tourist visa system – raised the visa fee and discontinued extension of tourist visas. The validity of tourist visas will only be 30 days and no extension or grace period will be provided for any reason.

The new fee structure is not announced yet. So till the new fee is introduced and comes into force by the end of November, visitors can pay the existing visa fee and get their visas issued. The new system would also offer multiple entry visit visas to tourists for visit or work, active study visas, and provide entry permits for conferences and medical care.

Though there is lot of news for new visa system for Dubai coming from all directions, there is no official confirmation on the same as yet. So, we will have to wait and watch till we hear an official word from the Dubai government.

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