Dual citizens need to show Canadian passport to enter the country

Dual citizens need to show Canadian passport to enter the country

Dual citizen Canadians need to show a Canadian passport to be allowed into the country following enforcement of stricter entry rules, which would be effective from 30 September.

Close to 40,000 citizens of Canada reside and work in the United Arab Emirates and most of them return home for an annual vacation or on some other work.

Earlier, dual citizens were allowed entry into Canada with their foreign passports along with their citizenship cards or a provincial driver’s licences to prove they were citizens of Canada. This practice has now been withdrawn for dual citizens entering this North American country.

As per a new electronic travel authorisation system, they now need to have in person a Canadian passport, failing which they cannot enter the country.

Gulf News quotes the Canadian government’s new advisory as warning Canadian citizens that they would need to carry appropriate documents while heading to Canada before they board their flight.

It was stated that a valid Canadian passport is the only authentic accepted travel document providing proof that one is a citizen of Canada and has the right to enter the country without undergoing immigration screening. They have also been told to ensure that the passport’s expiry date is well beyond their planned return date.

Travellers have been told advised that henceforth the only valid documents to enter Canada are a valid Canadian passport, a temporary passport of Canada or an emergency travel document of Canada.

It was pointed out by the government that though the electronic travel authorisation system was to be effective from a prior date in 2016, it wasn’t being strictly enforced.

Emmanuel Kamarianakis, Consul General of Canada, said that every Canadian citizen is eligible to enter Canada and when they travel with valid Canadian passports, it is proof that they are citizens.

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