Donald Trump urged by the Internet Association to protect US immigration reform, encryption

A consortium of technology companies extend his administration’s support to immigration policy

A consortium of technology companies, which include Google, Twitter and Facebook, has urged Donald Trump, the American President-elect, to extend his administration’s support to immigration policy, encryption and restrict surveillance.

Known as the Internet Association, members of which include Amazon, Uber and Netflix, among others, summarised its policy positions in a letter published on 14 November.

It is no secret that technology captains have been apprehensive of Trump’s position with regards to immigration and encryption.

The Verge quotes the letter as saying that the internet industry was looking forward to engage with him in a transparent and constructive dialogue.

They add in the letter that laws requiring companies to organise vulnerabilities into services and products would adversely affect personal privacy and compromise the country’s security.

Regarding immigration, the association wants Trump to liberalise the green card scheme and to create a green card system for graduates in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines.

According to them, strong encryption needed to be supported to secure America better. In the letter, they also urged Trump to back net neutrality and put in place stronger reforms on surveillance programmes carried out by the government.

Though Trump was said to have been critiquing net neutrality in the past, they are expecting that he would be more accommodating to some of the other policy priorities of the Internet Association such as easing restriction of the sharing economy and having fewer European regulatory hurdles.

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