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Income is the sole criteria for sponsoring family in the UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity and Emiratisation has announced that income would be the sole criteria to sponsor your family in the UAE. If you earn Dh 4,000 without accommodation or Dh 3,000 with accommodation provided by your company, you may then sponsor your family in the UAE.

The FAIE explained that both male and female residents can bring their family to stay in the UAE. Family, here, implies the spouse, unmarried daughters and any children under the age of 18 years. However, they can only do so if they meet the income threshold. The income required is at least Dh 3,000 with company-provided accommodation or Dh 4,000 without accommodation.

The FAIE has launched its services in line with Decision No. 30 or 2019 of the Council of Ministers, as per The Gulf News.

The Cabinet had earlier decided to amend the existing rules for foreign expats to sponsor their family members to the UAE. The new amended rules for sponsorship cite income as the sole criteria instead of the previously listed professions. Earlier, only a certain list of professionals was allowed to sponsor their family members to the country.

The new reform aims to enhance social cohesion and also improve family stability. The FAIE believes that the new rules will help attract more high-skilled workers to the country. The new rule will help ensure better personal and professional life balance for expat workers.

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