Charlotte chalks out a method to identify the undocumented immigrants!

Charlotte to identify the undocumented immigrants!
The government of the United States of America, has proposed a new method to identify undocumented immigrants in Charlotte, North Carolina. Every undocumented immigrant in this city will now be given a municipal identification card to be carried wherever they go. The idea was recommended by the council of the city’s immigrant integration task force.

Only for easy identification

In their opinion, this will make the task of reporting crimes to the police easier than it used to be. However this issue has not been voted on by the task force till now. At a meeting to discuss this issue, resident Nelda Leon specified on Thursday the purpose of this card.

It is neither to give them freedom from jail after committing crime nor to allow them to vote. The ID card will only let them prove their status in the country. Currently this immigration reform is targeting as many as 130,000 immigrants. The proposal of giving away ID cards is one of the 27 proposals that were put forward in March.

The expected benefit

These proposals were made with an intention to increase the safety of those living legally in the city. Further it would also greatly simplify the process of identifying undocumented immigrants which never used to be the case earlier. Hopefully, this proposal gets an approval and everyone benefits from it.

Original Source: IB Times

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