Changes to UK spousal visa English language requirements

Spousal visa holders required English language knowledge

Proposed regulations by David Cameron, the UK Government’s Prime Minister opines that spousal visa holders would be compulsorily required to exhibit English language knowledge at a higher level of difficulty when these potentials apply for a spousal visa after two years in the country. In case that this law is declared and they have failed the test, there are strong possibilities that these spouses may be asked to leave. In that time, the proposed law on the results from these tests would likely be initiated by October 2016. As the date draws closer, advanced factors have not yet been brought into guidelines and have to be presented to Parliament before acceptance into law.

The methodology would add new regulations to prove capabilities in the English knowledge before entering on a spousal visa for settlement in the UK. He illustrated the plan in a meeting with the BBC Radio 4 Today program, stating that there were 38,000 women could not communicate in English and 190,000 women could communicate with limited ability in the language.

Cameron focused on the point that he was not accusing individuals who could not communicate in English since some of these individuals have originated from entirely patriarchal social orders and maybe the culture hadn’t needed them to communicate in English.

Current requirements:

However, starting as of today, spousal visa aspirants must exhibit their knowledge into the English language in their spousal visa application requirements; and take a more advanced English language test when they start application for extended residence plans which are valid for five years in the United Kingdom.

Under the new approach, spousal visa holders ought to also display high level English language ability after two and half years in the United Kingdom or may be required to leave the country. The rationale behind the move is to that speaking in English is vital to political, social and economic integration.

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Original Source:The Guardian

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