Canada Tops the Reputation Institute’s List As Most Reputed Nation

Written by Kruti Beesam

Canada Tops the Reputation

In an attempt to understand where each country stands in terms of its reputation in the world, the world’s largest annual survey of country reputations, Reputation Institute’s Country 2015 RepTrak, has surveyed 55 countries this year. The survey has turned out to be extremely positive for Canada as it has been named the world’s most reputed nation. The criteria for deciding are based on multiple factors.

The Basis for Ranking

The factors on which the countries are judged include effective government, appealing environment and advanced economy. In this race to acquire the zenith on the list of reputed countries, India stands 33rd with a score of 7.4%. This is what people think of India. When it comes to what India thinks of herself, the country ranks 4th with a self image score of 82, just below Australia, Canada and Russia.

Who Are At the Bottom

In the same list Pakistan and China fall to the bottom of the list this time, with China ranking 46th and Pakistan at the 53rd position. Despite this, these countries are not the worst. Iran and Iraq are the worst reputed countries at the 54th and 55th rank respectively. Russia is at the 52nd position owing to the Crimea annexation and the Ukrainian crisis.

In terms of the top economies countries like Canada, Norway , Switzerland, Sweden and Australia occupy the top positions. The reputation institution conducted 48,000 interviews to arrive at the present decision award countries their current positions. The positive perception of the countries depend on these dimensions.

That said, Canada also has most suitable immigration policies for the skilled migrants in the world. It is welcoming thousands of  professional workers on PR visas each month.

Source: The Times of India

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