Canada: Faster Entry for Foreign Trained Doctors and Engineers

Faster Entry to Doctors and Enginers in canada

The Minister of Employment and Social Development of Canada in coordination with the government of Canada is working to reduce the wait time for foreign trained doctors and engineers. The duration between entry into Canada and obtaining licenses is quite high at the moment.

The Canadian government has approved a funding of $778,000 matching Engineers Canada funds, to simplify the process and improve Online Competency Assessment System. It is an online tool that systematizes the process for foreign engineers in Canada to get certification and licensing to work in the country.

Currently, the system ensures 5,000 engineers work as per the Canadian norms on things they have worked earlier to gain the right experience. So that these engineers can eventually obtain license and become certified and be able to work anywhere across Canada.

Under the purview of the provincial organizations, engineers can practice the work as they did overseas. And upon completion of the practice will be eligible to be granted a license as per the policies and laws framed by authoritarian bodies of the particular province.

Similarly, the Medical Council of Canada has also announced development of a tool that simplifies the exam process and offers licensing to international trained doctors. As of now, 7000 doctors enter Canada every year and have to wait for months to get licenses. But the new tool would significantly reduce the wait time by 5-6 months and also result in millions of dollars of savings to the government.

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