Canada Express Entry – 6851 Invitations-to-Apply in 3 Months

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry, an advanced method for better management of PR applications, was launched on 2nd January, 2015. Since its date of launch till today i.e. almost a quarter of the year, a look shows that Canada Express Entry has done fairly well.

The first draw came a little after one month of launch, but the next two months (February and March) saw as many as 5 draws; what’s even better is the number of Invitations-to-Apply  issued during the period – a total of 6851 so far and counting.

Details of Canada Express Entry Draws

Details of Canada Express Entry Draws

  • Express Entry First Draw (January 31st) – 779 ITAs for a score of 886 or more under the Comprehensive Ranking System
  • Express Entry Second Draw (February 7th-8th) – 779 ITAs again. This time, candidates with score 818 or more were picked from the pool.
  • Express Entry Third Draw (February 21st) – 849 ITAs for a cut-off score of 808 or more got luck.
  • Express Entry Fourth Draw (March 5th) – 1,187 ITAs for score of just 735 or above.
  • Express Entry Fifth Draw (March 20th-21st) – 1,620 ITAs for a score of 481. The cut-off score went down drastically in this draw.
  • Express Entry Sixth Draw (March 27th and 28th) – 1,637 ITAs for a score of mere 453. The cut-off score went down further in this draw.

More draws are expected to take place in the coming months as Canada is inviting candidates with and without job offers. All skilled professionals willing can apply under the scheme. Profiles will be kept in a pool until a draw is conducted. The cut-off score will determine whether an applicant will receive an Invitation-to-Apply or not.

For more details on Canada Express Entry, feel free to contact us!

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