Cambodia to introduce new visas for foreign retirees

Cambodia to introduce new visas for foreign retirees

Cambodian immigration officials have said that they would introduce a new visa for foreign retirees from 1 August in a bid to make expatriates consider their country for settling down in.

One of the Cambodian Interior Ministry’s General Department of Immigration Department Directors, Sok Veasna, was quoted by The Cambodia Daily as saying that applicants would need to provide evidence of monetary stability and documentation ascertaining retiree status from their home countries.

The new retirement visas, which would be known as ‘Category ER’ visas, will have a validity of one year and do not require a work permit. Major General Veasna said that retirees could live in Cambodia if they wish to with this new visa, but they would not be allowed to own houses or land.

Tho Sreng, Veasna’s deputy, said that the immigration department was working to make the new visas available on 1 August, but he added that there could be delays.

Expatriates who have already retired on business visas in Cambodia will not need to take the new visas. The officials, however, were not sure at what cost these retirement visas would be made available.

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