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Posted on March 03 2017

British Council launches free IELTS preparation tools

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


The majority of the candidates preparing for the IELTS test do a last minute preparation for the test. The result is that once they appear for the exam they are unable to comprehend the nature of the questions. They are even unable to decipher what the examiner is looking for in the answers and even fumble at time management. This reflects a lack of basic knowledge on their part.

British Council and Clarity English intend to cater to this issue and in fact, go even much beyond. They have come up with three resources for candidates of IELTS test that are free of cost and will enable them to comprehend the basic fundamentals of preparation. The resources will also empower the dedicated candidates to explore beyond the basics and widen their scope of preparation, as quoted by Clarity English.

The blog from Clarity has several posts with inputs from experts for IELTS tests elaborating on nuances of tasks, tips for preparation and drawbacks that must be avoided.

Peter Hare of the Addis Ababa chapter of British Council has disclosed that the IELTS Writing section mandates that 23% of the answers adhere to the limit of word count and candidates must be prepared for this word count compliance. Colm Downes of the Indonesia chapter of British Council advises that if candidates take hints from TED Talk and hone their speaking skills through the ‘power posing’ of two minutes prior to attempting the oral section of IELTS, the results will be drastically influenced positively.

It has also been pointed out by Clarity English’s Andrew Stokes a study of the 1970’S suggests that the cultural background of candidates has a role in influencing the results of the reading section. So the applicants from China and Arabia can take some preventive measures to not be disadvantaged.

The mobile application for IELTS tips updates vital information for IELTS test every day once for a period of thirty days. The tips are divided into five categories Preparation, Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. Candidates who wish to appear for the IELTS tests need to spend as less as five minutes perusing key tips as well as update themselves with exhaustive resources online. The intention is to constantly revive their interest for preparation.

The Facebook page of IELTS has fascinated more than half million social media followers. It has worksheets; videos elaborating preparation tips by successful candidates, sample questions of diverse test papers and all these can be downloaded.

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