British Airlines Welcomes Indian Travelers Into Their Country

British Airlines Welcomes Indian Travelers

A British Airlines has decided to slash the prices of visas for people coming from India. This is being seen as a move by the United Kingdom to improve the existing socio economic relationship between the two countries. The slash in the price of a 10 year visit visa would bring it down to the price of a six months visit visa.

A similar change for us too

The change has been implemented as an imitation of a similar changes with regard to China. This move was implemented one week prior to the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is going to the UK soon. The meeting is expected to bring some positive response. The airlines that has been so flexible in terms of its fees for the Indians, is called the Virgin Atlantic. The airlines seems to

At a dropped rate

So, whether an Indian is traveling for work or pleasure, he or she can be sure that a lot of money need not be spent on this trip. The idea is still at the initial stage as a proposal. If it is accepted, the rates will change very drastically, making Indian travelers happy. The cost has dropped down 737 pounds that is Rs.73,700 to 85 pounds which comes up to Rs.8,500 in Indian currency.

Improved rate and improved traveled

The Virgin Atlantic Airlines is one that travels from London Heathrow to New Delhi and the passenger will be traveling on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which is the newest  of its kind the category of flights. It will be implemented next week for the mutual benefit of both the countries. This has been done with the hope that the relation between both the countries will improve to a great extent and last in that way forever.

Original Source:Business Standard

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