Brexit does not affect the approach of universities in the UK towards overseas students

Brexit policy does not affect their perspective towards students across the globe

Internationally accredited universities in the Britain have made it clear that the Brexit policy does not affect their perspective towards students across the globe. Their primary objective remains to encourage diversity and uphold diverse cultures along with imparting world-class education.

It has been reported by the Top Universities that the campaign ‘We are international’ witnessed participation of more than 100 universities and educational institutions. This was aimed at restoring the faith of the overseas students that will be still greeted in a warm way, in spite of Brexit, as quoted by the Study International.

President of Universities UK Dame Julia Goodfellow has said that the efforts to encourage the principles of multiculturalism, acceptance and freedom of communication must be enhanced. These are the hallmarks of universities in the UK and coveted by the world, added Julia. It is in the best interest of Britain to be forthcoming to the international fraternity and has enhanced association with the nations in the world.

Notwithstanding certain reports in the media, there is ambiguity regarding the future in higher education in Britain, Managing Director of Hobson’s Jeremy Cooper has said that overseas students continue to symbolize crucial prospects for universities in the Britain.

The students from outside the European Union contributed more than 4.2 billion pounds in the form of tuition fees which accounts for on an eighth of the revenue of the universities in the UK. It is for this reason that the educational institutions in Britain recognize the significance of international students. The overseas students assist in enhancing the revenue in higher education and their contribution to the overall economy is quite crucial.

Universities in the UK continue to be the preferred choice of overseas students when it comes to studying Business. The statistics revealed by The Independent state that in spite of studies in management and business being more expensive comparatively to the other graduate courses, the degree holders from business streams have more chances of securing a job after three months of their degree.

It is advisable that an overseas student looks out for universities that have more to offer to the students than mere excellent academics. The differentiating factor for a top business school from an average school is that apart from the study programs that they offer, a top class university must also have an association with the industry and professional practice. They must also be able to offer internship options that are distinct along with having an inspirational vision.

The University of Liverpool’s Management School is an example of a distinct business school that intends to cultivate the talents in students along with offering a world-class education. Director of the University of Liverpool Management School Professor Julia Balogun has said that they offer exceptional and inclusive experience to the students that increase their chances of getting a job offer and also inspire them to develop as citizens who are responsible towards the society.

This is achieved by nurturing a cordial and helpful culture along with providing a cluster of scholarships that idealize diversity, integrity, and equal prospects, added Balogun.

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