Australian government extends its help to refugees from Iraq and Syria

Australia extends help to refugees

Refugees now have a place to go

The Australian government has decided to be more generous towards refugees from Iraq and Syria. In the beginning of this year itself, Australia had taken in as many as 12000 refugees. Despite the large number of people that have already been taken in by the Australian government, it is still ready to take in more such people into its territory.

A declaration was made by Prime Minister Tony Abbott that an extra 12,000 refugees will be taken in. This announced by him in the month of September last year. The number of refugees that Australia is willing to welcome into their territory for shelter. The number is going up to 13,750 that is way beyond the existing humanitarian visa.

A matter of trust

The immigration officer Peter Dutton opines that if they can assure regular and good quality health check ups, people will be able develop trust on the program that they have created. He also said that a large part of the success of this program, depends heavily on the present situation in Syria. All the states in Australia, are preparing to resettle the refugees, keeping in mind important factors like connections with family or friends.

However, not all the people in Australia, stand by the same opinion. The MP of Greens Adam Bandt holds a different opinion altogether. According to him, the addition in the number of refugees in may be a welcome shift but there is a need to take care of the ones that already suffering in the detention centers in Australia right now.

The Humanitarian Approach

It is a matter of appreciation that Australia is thinking of hosting so many people who have nowhere else to go. These people will now feel more safe and secure with a helping hand coming their way.

Original Source: FooddWorldNews

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