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Posted on March 21 2017

Australia has highest percentage of immigrants in world

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023
Australia There are said to be 195 sovereign nations in the world, of which 90 have a population exceeding 10 million and more. Of all the countries, Australia has the highest percentage of people born overseas. In fact, 24 million Australians, i.e. 28 percent of its total population, were born outside of their home country. In addition, 40 percent of Australians have at least one parent who was not born in Australia. Saudi Arabia has, however, a higher percentage of people born outside the country. It is said that out of it total population of 32 million, 10 million, or 32 percent, were born overseas. But Saudi Arabia’s foreign-born residents are considered its guest workers who do not have the same rights as its citizens. Therefore, Australia takes the honours of being the most accommodating country in the world.  Ranking second is Canada as 22 percent of its residents are foreign-born. While 20 percent of Kazakhstan’s residents were born overseas, 15 percent of Germany’s population is foreign born. The percentages of immigrant populations of the United States and the United Kingdom are 14 percent and 13 percent, respectively. According to the Australian, migrants enter the Land Down Under mostly through Sydney­ and Melbourne. Melbourne and Sydney too like New York support languages, schools, shops, etc. of most large communities, making them feel at home there. While Italians preferred Melbourne in the 1960s, the Greeks chose Sydney to settle in. On the other hand, the impoverished Irish made North Melbourne their home a century earlier, the Vietnamese made inroads into Cabramatta, a neighbourhood in Sydney, and then Lakemba too in Sydney is home to a large contingent of Arabic speaking people. According to the latest census of Australia, 42 percent of the population Sydney was born outside of Australia. Likewise, 29 percent of New Yorkers and 22 percent of Parisians too were born overseas. The news daily adds that this what makes their country unique in the world. It has managed to achieve what no other nation on the planet has come close to attaining and that is what its citizens should be proud of. If you are looking to migrate to Australia, contact Y-Axis, one of the most prominent immigration consultancy companies, to apply for a visa from one of its several global offices.





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