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Posted on October 19 2022

Australia Canberra Matrix Draw issued 467 invitations

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


Highlights: Canberra Matrix draw invited 467 candidates for ACT nominations

  • Canberra Matrix draw invited 467 candidates to send applications for ACT nominations.
  • The invitations for the ACT nominations were issued on October 17, 2022.
  • Number of invitations received by Canberra residents was 193.
  • Number of invitations received by overseas immigrants was 274.

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Details of Australia Canberra Matrix draw

The number of candidates invited and their scores for ACT nominations can be found in the table below:

Type of residents Occupation group Under nomination Number of candidates invited Points
Canberra Residents
Matrix nominating Small Business Owners
190 nominations 15 90
491 nominations 2 70
Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders
190 nominations 1 NA
491 nominations NA NA
Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations
190 nominations 74 NA
491 nominations 101 NA
Overseas applicants
Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations
190 nominations 20 NA
491 nominations 254 NA

Australia invites 467 candidates through the Canberra Matrix draw

Australia invited 467 candidates to submit applications for ACT nominations. Canberra Matrix draw was the pathway used to issue the invitations. The number of invitations Canberra Residents received was 193 and the remaining 274 invitations were issued to Overseas Applicants. The invitations were issued to the highest ranked Matrix in each occupation to submit applications for ACT nomination.

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Total allocation for 2022-2023

The interim allocation for the ACT nomination for 2022-2023 can be found in the table below:

Visa Number of allocations
190 800 places
491 1920 places

Approvals and refusals till October 17, 2022

The total number of approvals for this draw is 718 while the number of refusals is 174. The table below reveals the details of approvals and refusals in this draw:

Nominations Approvals Refusals
190 231 43
491 487 131

Remaining allocation for 2022-2023

The total number of allocations remaining for the Canberra Matrix draw can be found in the table below:

Nominations Allocation Pro rata per month
190 569 67
491 1433 169

Previous Canberra Matrix draw

Three Canberra matrix draws were held in September in which total number of candidates invited was 782. The table below shows the number of invitations in each of these draws:

Date Number of candidates invited
September 26, 2022 354
September 13, 2022 208
September 6, 2022 220

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ACT issued 354 invitations in the latest Canberra Matrix draw

Australia’s Canberra Matrix draw issued 208 invitations

Australia Canberra Matrix draw invites 220 candidates to apply for ACT Nomination

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