Attention Quebec immigrants: Skilled workers visa program changes its dates


Quebec, the French talking territory in Canada, is preparing for the admission round of its Skilled Worker program where 2,800 applications will be acknowledged. Be that as it may, just before the applications might be presented the procedure has changed.

Here are some useful points Y-Axis offers to assist understanding the procedure better:

The Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is a system similar to the Canadian Express Entry visa, though it is more tolerant as far as criteria is concerned. The visa authorizes the worker to move to Canada to work and live in the territory of Quebec. A last admission round will see applications approved through the online framework called the ‘Mon projet Québec’.

Dates to remember

The start of the application round is on February 16. Another due date was agreed for the application round on the Mon projet Quebec scheme. The due date was set for January 25. It will be possible to make a record as of February 18, 2016 for the next admission round. The individuals who have succeeded to set up their record will have the capacity to finish their applications between January 26 and February 15. Potential applicants have three weeks to submit all that is required to present a completed application on time.

What is the QSWP?

Based on a point-based framework, minimum standards are prescribed to acquire a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). A candidate must score no less than 49 points, while a candidate with a spouse must score no less than 57 to qualify.

On language skills: A candidate can get a maximum of 22 points for language skills. Up to 16 points can be rewarded for French capability, and up to 6 for English. Yet, French capability is not compulsory.

Previous rules said that work experience in the field of education to be proven should have been completed no less than 5 years ago. This is no more the case; candidates will be awarded points for diplomas regardless of their field. People who have degrees in study streams, for example, computer engineering, computer science, translation, banking & financial operations and accounting are sought after.

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