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Posted on December 30 2023

Amsterdam to charge highest tourist tax in EU from 2024

By  Editor
Updated December 30 2023

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Highlights of the new tourist tax in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam is expecting around 20 million visitors in 2024.
  • The city is actively thinking of different measures to control tourism.
  • Amsterdam is set to increase tourist tax for visitors in 2024
  • Amsterdam's Deputy Mayor Buren said we have doubled our efforts to keep the city clean.


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Highest tourist taxes in the European Union

Amsterdam will increase the tourist taxes next year to address tourism-related challenges and generate additional revenue for the country. This could become the highest tax in European countries. According to local reports, tourist tax is expected to increase by 12.5%. This is due to the challenges that Amsterdam faces with the growing number of tourists every year.


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Amsterdam's Deputy Mayor Buren explained that they have doubled their efforts to keep the city clean and manage all the tourist-related issues during overcrowding. Buren also revealed that the two other countries of the European Union Venice and Barcelona are facing similar issues.


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Amsterdam expects 20 million visitors

Amsterdam is expecting around 20 million visitors in 2024. The country faces many challenges with the growing number of tourists, especially with the budget and travelers going to areas like the red-light district. The city is aware of different measures to be taken to manage and control tourism, including commitments to limit the total number of domestic and foreign visitors to 20 million.


Amsterdam was previously ranked as the top European capital destination for tourists in 2023. The city has attractive features like picturesque canals, historical World War II memorials, stunning architecture, diverse cuisine, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, increasing its popularity among travelers.


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Web story: https://www.y-axis.com/web-stories/amsterdam-to-charge-highest-tourist-taxes-in-europe-from-2024/


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