American universities attempt to allay concerns of foreign students

US Universities assuring foreign students things will remain the same in their country

Following the unexpected outcome of the US elections, universities there are trying to allay apprehensions of foreign students by assuring them that things will remain the same in their country.

In fact, websites of certain US universities have sent students letters to foreign students by pitching their diverse and inclusive culture.

The Hans India quoted the USF (University of South Florida) as stating that things were returning to normalcy in the country.

The University of Denver, on the other hand, said that the American legal system was sturdy and transparent and that things were not likely to change in the immediate future.

It added that any revisions to law, policy and regulations impacting immigration would have to adhere to American constitutional standards and would be legally contested.

In fact, the USF has put a special notice for Indian students, titled ‘Prospective Indian Students and Scholars.’ The number of students from India at this university is expected reach 1,000 by January next year.

Roger Brindley, USF World Vice President, in a letter to Indian students, stated that USF was a considerate and inclusive institution.  According to him, cultural heterogeneity was their university’s forte. Brindley said that they appreciated the worth of their India students. To honour former president of India, APJ Kalam, Judy Genshaft, USF President, had suggested creating a fellowship in his name, he said. Brindley, referring to India-US ties, added that USF was of the view that the two democracies must improve their partnership further.
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