A drastic increase in job opportunities with Barrhead Travel!


job opportunities

Barrhead Travel is looking at expanding its hold on the travel market by increasing its work force. The company primarily based in Glasgow is looking for skilled people to fill up crucial positions in various departments including  sales, marketing, customer service, accounts and administrative. The expansion will take place in Scotland where they intend to set a branch there.

The expansion takes place

It has recently established in the places such as   at St Enoch Square in Glasgow and Eldon Square Shopping Centre in Newcastle. The idea has been implemented to make the best use of the current situation in which there is a sharp increase in the consumer demand in various areas of service.

The motive behind this

The company is not only looking at its own growth but is targeting to strengthen specialist travel teams that will deliver exceptional services to the people who need it. Presently the company employees as many as 850 people spread over 56 locations.

Original Source: Daily Record

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