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3,000 foreign workers to work in Japan under new visas


Japan introduced new visas in April this year. More than 3,000 foreign workers are all set to work in Japan under the new visas.

Commissioner Shoko Sasaki of the Immigration Services Agency says that the agency plans to start a certification system for supporters of foreign people. Japan has introduced a new visa status for international workers with specific skills. The agency has been required to now additionally support foreign workers coming to Japan. Many foreign workers have been allowed to work provisionally while they wait for their new visa status which has been a slow process.

Commissioner Sasaki also added that many applications for change of visa status have been filed. There are also many pending residency status certifications by overseas people. All of such cases add up to 1,300. There are another 2,000 foreign workers who have cleared industry-specific tests for the new visa status.

Commissioner Sasaki further added that the number of foreign workers with designated skills is expected to further rise in the near future.

Japan’s expanded visa system includes businesses and other organizations as registered support organizations for foreign workers. The new system could also include low-skilled foreign workers too, as per Japan Times.

The registered organizations are obligated to provide proper jobs and support to their customers. Japan has tried to create a system where foreign workers have someone to turn to for support.

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