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25,000 healthcare job vacancies in Singapore


Highlights of increase in healthcare job vacancies up to 25,000

Singapore has 25,000 job vacancies for healthcare professionals

Singapore is facing the challenge to employ foreign nurses to work in Singapore to take care of the elderly people. It is estimated by 2030, the number of healthcare job vacancies in Singapore will increase up to around 25,000. The citizens and permanent residents of Singapore comprise of 72 percent registered and 63 percent of enrolled nurses. The rest of the nurses belong to the following countries:

This report has been provided by The Strait Times. Ong Ye Kung has stated that by 2030 one out of four Singaporeans will attain the age of 65 years and above by 2030. Singapore is also working on increasing the number of beds in nursing homes. Currently, it is 16,200 which will be increased up to 31,000 by 2030.

Increasing the number of nursing students

Currently, the number of student intake for nursing is 2,100 which will be increased to 2,300. This will help in increasing the workforce through local people and there will also be the growth of the number and role of foreign nurses.

Ong also revealed that the attrition rate among foreign nurses increased from 8.9 percent to 14.8 percent. This increase happened due to the high demand of nurses during the Corona virus pandemic. Senior Minister of State for Health, Dr. Janil Puthucheary revealed that Singapore is trying to meet the target of inviting 3,500 physicians by 2030. Currently, the number of foreign-trained Singaporean doctors is 200 that come back every year.

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Web Story: 25,000 healthcare job vacancies in Singapore

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