10,000 Quebec work immigration applications in June

10,000 Quebec work immigration applications in June

The Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness (MIDI) reported the re-opening of its online skilled Quebec work immigration, called the Mon projet Quebec, on 13th of June 2016. On that date, the regional Government of Quebec will start to acknowledge 5000 applications towards a total number of 10,000 under its QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker’s Program).


More than 42,000 work immigrants for Quebec have been waiting since 16th of February 2016 when the project was to open, to present their applications through the online entryway. The Quebec Minister for Immigration, Kathleen Weil, facing constant pressure chose to suspend the project and overhaul the online application system, rather than permitting paper entries. Candidates who qualify under the Quebec Experience Program or with an approved employment offer might present an application at whatever time and are not restricted to the mentioned periods. Also, candidates with a substantial study or work grant are not bound to the above periods.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program includes more than 75 eligible occupations like genetics, computer engineering, computer science, pharmaceutical technology psychology and zoology; and areas of training like 1121 occupations in human resources, 112 + 1112 occupations in banking and financial services, 911 in manufacturing, 2131 in civil engineering and so on, that will empower candidates to fit the bill for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ), without a work invitation. This implies that the immigrant can search for work, with government help, after he or she migrates to the region of Quebec.

A Quebec skilled worker is a overseas immigrant who means to settle in Quebec to hold occupation the international worker is likely to occupy. This purpose is made using a point based system which assesses the aspirant’s skilled area of education background, training & work experience, age, language skills, skill capabilities of spouse, offer of occupation (which is not required), and dependents.

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Source: Canada immigration and Visa Information

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