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1.2 million jobs in Europe in the tourism and travel sector

1.2 million jobs in the tourism and travel sector in Europe; Hotels under staffing crisis

Highlights of tourism and travel sector job openings in Europe

EU has 1.2 million job vacancies in travel and tourism sector

The travel and tourism industry in Europe is facing a hard time because of COVID-19 pandemic, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The pandemic has compelled the workers to think about their careers. Many of them left the industry while others opted to work from home. Remote work is on a boom at this time.

Industry relies on migrant labours

Simon Naudi, the CEO of Corinthia Hotels has reported about the struggle in finding the people to join the industry. Immigrants from Spain and Sicily are working in Malta because of a number of job opportunities. Politics is also challenging the desire of the workers to work in this industry. In spite of the fact that majority of the travel restrictions have been dropped but there are some that still exist.

There are also chances that these restrictions may be reintroduced on the basis of epidemic conditions. There are many jobs for which remote work cannot be done and they include chefs, receptionists, housekeeping, etc., are such jobs which cannot be done remotely.

Representatives are also struggling to invite overseas workers as they are facing the issues of complex immigration procedures, long time of visa processing, and government policies against immigration. In spite of these hassles, official bodies have revealed the data that travel industry is rising in the EU nations.

The World Travel and Tourism Council has revealed that there is an availability of 1.2 million jobs in Europe in the industry. These job vacancies are showing positive signs for the recovery of the sector. According to WTTC, the economy of the EU was recovered by 30.4 percent because of the direct contribution of the sector as there was a recovery of 571,000 jobs.

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